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About Us

With a rich history spanning many years, our journey with Poodles began with a deliberate choice not to breed

until we had a profound understanding of the breed standard and the true qualities that define Poodles.

Our Poodles, cherished not only as house dogs but as working companions, showcase their remarkable

versatility by actively participating in hunting expeditions alongside hounds.

While we hold a deep admiration for the classic black and white Poodles, our appreciation extends to the

captivating warm hues of apricot and brown.
Recognising a scarcity of quality apricot and red Poodle breeders when we started, we embraced the challenge

by importing and breeding these wonderful colours.

Amidst the diverse Poodles featured on our site, rest assured that the females in our breeding program typically

have one maybe  litter before being spayed, continuing to live with the families they've known since puppyhood.
On occasion, a select few may have another litter, and if a worthy successor is identified, we keep a puppy to

carry on the lineage, contributing to ongoing improvements in our breeding lines.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone, past and present, who has been part of our breeding program.

Your participation has played a crucial role in the continued success and enhancement of our Poodle lines.

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