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We specialise in breeding STANDARD & MINIATURE POODLES in striking

Black/brown, apricot/cream, and silver/blue variations.

Our breeding program incorporates both Australian and imported lines,

ensuring the pedigree and excellence of our puppies.

What sets us apart:

Rigorous quality standards:

Our commitment to breeding high-quality Poodles is reflected in the exceptional standards we maintain.
Desexing contract: All our puppies come with a desexing contract, prioritising responsible pet ownership.

For show enthusiasts:

Show homes considered: If you're interested in a show-quality Poodle, specific conditions apply.

We uphold a commitment to maintaining and promoting breed standards.
We have a strong history of award winning, show quality dogs.



Based in Cardinia, Victoria, Australia, our breeding facility provides a

comfortable and nurturing environment for our dogs.

Contact information:

Reach out to Yvonne at 0499 886 649 to inquire about available puppies or to

discuss any specific requirements.

Welcome To Tannah Poodles

Standard Poodle Female Group
Standard poodle male group

Certifications and affiliations:

Dogs Victoria member: 3100014252,

Member of the Poodle Club of Victoria

PEN RB 100842

This membership and affiliation underscore our commitment to fostering the well-being and

integrity of the Poodle breed.


Experience the difference in quality and care when you choose our Poodles.

Connect with us to embark on a journey of responsible breeding and exceptional companionship.

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