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Introducing some of our standard girls

         TANNAH DARE TO BE MYSTIC.                                     PIPER

Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 4.26.10 pm.png

Piper is a beautiful blue girl who lives with Carol and Mark. She shares the household with a Tannah girl, Gigi and and a groodle called Coco. All three are completely spoilt and loving it. We hope to get a litter from her this year.

hip score 5

She is a carrier for von willebrands

         KALOF WINTER WILLOW.                                                      MAPLE


Maple is a gorgeous girl who lives with Kristian and Tiahn.

She enjoys being part of this very active family. We hope to have puppies from her this year and then she will retire.

Her hips were scored by the PENN hip method and is at minimal risk of OA

She is clear by parentage with her DNA

        KALOF AUTUMN ENCHANTMENT                                              ASH

Ash_188A2486_JenniferMcKinnonPhotography copy.jpg

Joanne and David are quite devoted to Ash, she is a very sweet girl.

She lives in a busy household and gets on with other animals in the house.

Hip score 4

DNA clear.

         TANNAH ALICE AND THE ANGEL.                                     ALICE


Jess is the loving owner of Alice.

Alice has had one litter of puppies and Jess sat in the whelping box with her and helped deliver them

We look forward to her second and last litter in the future.

Hip score 13

DNA clear

            TANNAH DARING NALA.                                                     NALA


Nala is a another blue girl in our program.

She is owned and loved by Anne, pictured her with her granddaughter Alia.


Hips and DNA are yet to be done.

         TANNAH BECAUSE IM AN ANGEL.                                          MOCHA


Mocha is no longer in our program but has produced so lovely puppies. She is owned and spolit by Fiona and Ross.       

         TANNAH SADIE BROWN N JAZZY.                                         SADIE


Sadie also lives with Fiona and Ross. We are working on getting her title.

We look forward to a future with some of her puppies.

She will be hip scored at an appropriate age.

Her DNA is all clear.     

                     TANNAH AMIE ANGEL.                                                         AMIE


Amie Lives with James and Sarah. We will have puppies from her one day.

She has a lovely pedigree and we look forward to a future with some of her puppies.

Hip score 7

Her DNA is all clear.   

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